Wonderland 2.0

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Techdance: Exploring engagement through dance and technology
2010, September
Dance Studio Theater, TWU
Denton, TX

This interactive environment invited the audience to participate in the co-creation of a unique Techdance work!  By manipulating visual projected images and digital sound scores via computer interfaces, the audience influenced and informed the 20 minute improvised movement scores with the dancers.

The environment consisted of:  Four live feed cameras that both audience and dancers could direct, two interactive visual computers/projectors, and one digital sound “creation stations” that allowed the audience to manipulate the environment.
Dance Collaborators: Amie Davis, Amanda Jackson, & Lily Sloan
Visual Envionoment: Scott Martin
Audio Environment: Grant Philips
Inter Media Design:  Grant Phillips, Jerret Fowler, & Scott Martin
Photography: Jesse Scroggins