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Student Comments

“He is very understanding and patient.  He will take the time to answer every question before moving on.  I am really pleased because I have begun to learn how to move my body in a healthy rather than damaging way.”

“Scott brings in contemporary ballet moves to make the movement more interesting.  He is extremely respectful and very easy to talk to.  Scott has brought to my attention mistakes that I never knew I was making.  This has helped me strengthen the foundations of my dancing.”

“When he gives a correction, he waits and helps you correct it instead of telling you and walking away.  He makes sure that you understand…”

“Scott has great communication skills when instructing technique and teaching, respected by the class for his credibility and knowledge.  He also always demonstrated for us and gave good criticism.  I learned a lot of good ideas for alignment and technique.  He often explained in a fresh new ways that helped me understand certain corrections better.”

“He is very good at drawing everyone in and making class interesting.  He is beyond approachable and very good at individual corrections.  He always has really good imagery for us and helped me on so many levels.  These images have virtually changed me as a dancer!”

“Scott is great at breaking down the steps in a way that makes it easy to understand and he is always prepared with a positive attitude.”

“Scott is great about making each student feel comfortable around him, but knows his boundaries as a male teacher.  I loved his ability to point out what needed to be corrected in a way we can understand.  I think he’s great!  He taught us all areas of ballet which opened my eyes to all it offered, not just traditional style.”

“He is respectful and is willing to listen to your questions and concerns with constructive feedback!  I’ve learned so much and grown since the beginning of the semester. I learned to be able to work with others since we did several partner/group related things, which I hadn’t really been exposed to prior to him.”

“He uses imagery to explain technique and shows you with his body providing many new ideas and new techniques, not just traditional ones.”

“You are extremely easy to learn from and always have good points to make.  I live by your imagery and find it very helpful.  You have increased my awareness by introducing new concepts!”



University of North Texas

“I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend Scott Martin as an employee within your organization. Scott was an adjunct instructor teaching Dane 2410: Ballet Technique, Level II at UNT for two years while he completed his MFA studies at Texas Women’s University.

Dance as an art form was always honored (as it should have been) in his classes, and the pedagogical intent was ultimately to encourage each student to take ownership of his/her learning in an effort to instill a transitioning from simply being a receiver to being a creative artist. Utilizing a variety of imaging techniques, the focus was consistently on the underlying process of discovery–of the negotiation among the principles of physics, anatomical structures, and individual kinesthetic potentials. I believe it is within this academic context that Scott discovered and then nurtured his interest in and passion for teaching dance to aspiring artists.

Consistently, student evaluations reveal that Scott was indeed an excellent teacher, with student evaluation scores well above the departmental average of 4.0 on a 5.0 scale, with 5 being the highest. While Scott disclosed to me in an email that his time at UNT spent working with students was ‘some the most personally rewarding during my career,’ I can confidently state that his time with our students, as consistently indicated in their written end-of-class evaluations, was personally rewarding for them as well.

In sum, Scott was the colleague any dance professor would wish for. His passion and gift for teaching, advocacy for dance education, his commitment, reliability, collegiality, and keen insights make him an excellent new addition to your organization. I recommend him without any hesitation.”

Dr. Lorenzo Garcia
Chair, Department of Dance & Theatre

Northwest Vista College – The Ride

“Scott Martin was a Vis a Vis guest artist-in-residence at Northwest Vista College in Fall 2010.  During his residency Mr. Martin taught workshops in Ballet, Modern Dance and Improvisation, and created an original work for the Northwest Vista College Repertory Dance Ensemble.

Mr. Martin engaged our student dance company in a collaborative process yielding an improvisationally based performance piece, The Ride. Mr. Martin also shared his interest and expertise in the intersection of dance and technology with our students by modeling the use of computer software in the creation and notation of The Ride.

As Artistic Director of the NVC Repertory Dance Ensemble, I observed the company’s deep investment in the rehearsal and performance of the work that Mr. Martin created with them.  Mr. Martin’s teaching and his artistry were inspirational for our students. It was a pleasure to host him here at Northwest Vista.”

Professor Jane King
Program Coordinator of Dance

Peanut Butter & Jelly Dance Company

“Scott was part of our performing group and performed in approximately 15 performances and workshops.  He also did some teaching for our children’s classes.  There are many dancers who cannot relate to children that young with sincerity.  We felt that his work with children showed a strong interest in our age group (PS-5th Grade.) He has a good sense of humor tempered with maturity, which is must when working with young children.  Though our time was short, we enjoyed working with Scott.  He had a great attitude and was a hard worker.”

– Jeanne Traxler


Intermedia Design

Shade (2013)

“Of the 23 troupes and independent artists who performed at the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival, half a dozen produced stellar work and many others turned out pieces that showed promise but could benefit from further refinement. What separated the great from the fleetingly interesting was vision. Over the three weeks of the 12th annual festival, which ended Saturday at the Bath House Cultural Center, such choreographers as Mary Lynn Babcock, Jessica Thomas, Danielle Georgiou and Erin Reck employed a holistic approach, each building movement, sound and staging around a singular, sharply conceived idea… Week two, themed ‘Partners in Crime’ for its emphasis on collaborations, opened with Satellite-Dance artistic director Babcock’s Shade, which was never surpassed by anything else on the bill. This was one of the most interestingly designed dances of the festival, with projections of posed dancers echoing the slow, deliberate movement of four live performers.”

-Manuel Mendoza
Dance Critic, Dallas Morning News

“Denton’s Satellite-Dance opens the concert with Shade, choreographed by Mary Lynn Babcock with contributions from the cast of four. Two sheer fabric screens serve as canvases for projections, a media and set design created by Scott Martin. Set in three sections, the dancers first move through various poses, similar to the pictures on the fabric. As they carry a sense of longing, the mood becomes more frantic, then settles down for a second section filled with flat-palmed gestures and nature sounds. Finally, a sense of resolution coupled with beautifully genuine movement close a dance which is… delightful.”


Texas Woman’s University

“Scott set the mark for creating his own path within the M.F.A. program in Dance at TWU. Scott proactively followed his heart and developed his own curriculum by combining intermedia studies at the University of North Texas Music Program with his graduate studies in dance. The result of his work in both areas far exceeded our expectations. Scott provided exciting and challenging performance and choreographic opportunities for his fellow dancers and expanded their visions about what dance could be. I recommend Scott with no reservations for any position in which he will be working with media, movement, and the creative and challenging combination of both.

Further, Scott was an excellent writer and original thinker concerning the ideas emerging in his work and the connections created between the work of others exploring in and around the fields of his interest. He was able to dig deeply into ideas and was tirelessly committed to how those ideas might be explored and furthered. Scott is not one to rest on what has already been done and tried; he is an adventurer, someone who is not afraid of going out on a limb and then making sure that limb blossoms into unexpected foliage.

Perhaps most importantly about Scott’s work as a graduate student was his ability to not only make sure his own choreography was executed professionally, but also his dedication to the production of all work. He was the person we could count on to be backstage managing technical issues: hanging lights, troubleshooting mechanical issues, and creating a safe and amazing space for dance to happen. We miss his expertise, his commitment, and his attitude.

To conclude, let me say that Scott was a joy to be with, he was someone on whom you could count, and he made our lives better for his presence. I strongly recommend Scott for any position that involves creative thinking, productions skills, and a commitment to fulfilling any task with integrity and professionalism.”

Dr. Linda Caldwell
Director of Doctoral Studies in Dance

Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts

“Scott is eager and adept at working across multiple disciplines and institutions. As a dancer-choreographer and theatre artist Scott enthusiastically embraced a new discourse in the realm of interactive media. With an eye towards integrating digital technology, human movement and artful communication Scott was developing his own media art works and interactive programs in a relatively short time-span. Scott then joined me in my larger interdisciplinary classes, which required him to undertake a creative design dialogue with a very diverse group of potential collaborators. His background allowed Scott to be a nexus for multiple roles and approaches to new media theatre. There is no doubt that he is a valuable player who can deftly bridge traditional art forms and performance idioms with new ways of thinking and doing.”

David Stout
Professor – iARTA




Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

“I’m frequently consulted when folks are casting if they see my name on a resume….  I am very high on your skills, you are the consummate musical theater performer and I would definitely hire you.”

Sharon Benge, MFA
Director of Theater at TWU
Co-host of Art Matters on WRR Radio


“Scott played Sandy Dean in my production of Brigadoon several years ago at the Village Theater of Issaquah, the third largest theater in the greater Seattle area.  As far as I am concerned, he thoroughly distinguished himself.  As is often the case these days, actors are often required to be triple threats when performing in musicals (where the original Broadways production would have a roster of Principals and a separate Chorus of Singers and on of Dancers, ours asked that everyone do all three.)  Scott proved himself remarkably accomplished as singing, dancing, and acting.  He performance as Sandy made a role that can sometimes be overlooked a standout.  And his presence in the company was an important reason why I look back on that show as one of the happiest in my working experience.”

Jeff Steitzer

Anna Myer and Dancers – Wine & Roses, Quintet to Brahms, Bluebird No. 173

“I have known Scott Martin since he worked with my company during our 1997 and 98 seasons.  He was a pleasure to work with on all levels.  He was very ambitious, hard working, and committed.  He was a wonderful dancer with good ideas to contribute to the group and was greatly missed when he moved to the west coast… He is a talented and highly intelligent young man who is good at most anything he puts his mind to.  I was always impressed with his varied talents and capabilities…”

– Anna Myer



Texas Woman’s UniversityResearch Assistant & Senior Institutional Data Analyst

“Scott Martin is a man of many talents and skills, which have benefited our office over the past 5 years.  His greatest contributions in our environment have been project management, appropriate application of technology to specific objectives, and his collaboration skills.  Scott takes on a project, designs a plan for it, and then implements it by working with a diverse set of personnel throughout our institution.  His persistence in the face of challenges, enthusiasm despite adverse circumstances, and eagerness regardless of apathy among others are characteristics of his work in our office.  Scott has assumed a large variety of roles with us from executive assistant, event coordinator, marketing designer, research assistant, to data analyst.  The diversity of his skills and his willingness to take on the role needed to match the goals of our unit have made him an invaluable contributor to our success.

Beyond his skills, Scott is a caring and friendly professional and coworker.  However, he is also a talented artist.  It was my pleasure as Dean of the Graduate School to attend his culminating concert for his MFA in Dance where he displayed his talents and skills in combining dance and technology.  It was there that I saw the integration of dance and technology to create a new art form not bound by place.  Scott’s ability to envision this new art form and implement it successfully is a further example of his many talents and skills.  The combination of his administrative abilities, technology skills, and artistry result in Scott’s unique ability to contribute and achieve.”

Jennifer Martin, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Provost and
Dean of the Graduate School

Smash DesignBusiness & Finance Manager

“He was everything and employer wants – I say that sincerely, as one who has hired many over the past 20 years as a small business owner.  His honesty, dedication, and attention to detail we always above question.  He ‘owned’ his work as folks refer to it.  No one ever had to point out what needed to be done, he knew, or would find out, and simply did it!”

– Harper Welch

The Dance ComplexFinancial Manager & Staff Member

“Scott Martin is one of those unique individuals who is intensely committed and capable, while making it all seem easy.  Whatever his goal, he accomplished it.  Whatever challenge, he met.  Before he left the Dance Complex, he trained the person who was to assume his responsibilities.  He did this with patience and understanding.  A talented dancer with deep knowledge of the honesty behind technique, he will certainly make an excellent teacher.  I highly recommend you accept Scott Martin into your program with open arms.”

– Rozann Kraus, MA, MFA



Margot Jones Performance Hall

“Scott Martin worked for me at Margo Jones Performance Hall while he was a graduate student.  Scott was very professional in his dealings with the clients, especially large groups and complex programs.   Scott was a quick learner and became a very good lighting designer. He was especially good in dealing with and designing for outside groups, even when they had no idea of what they wanted or needed.   He was also a very good stage manager.  He was very organized and kept his cool under pressure. He worked well with his piers, faculty, and superiors.  With 41 years experience as a lighting designer, I can recommend Scott without any reservations. It was with great sadness that I said goodby to Scott when he graduated.”

Jerry D. Dawson
Technical Director &
Facilities Manager

Sruti Kanti Swara

“Thank you so very much for the enormous amount of time you invested in making the Gamblin Naming Ceremony such a professional event. Without your expertise and management skills, the evening would not have been the lovely event that we all enjoyed. I so appreciate you many contributions and thank you for doing so much for the School of the Arts. With much appreciation,”

Dr. Penelope Hanstein
Professor Emerita, Chair of the Department of Dance
and Director of the School of the Arts, TWU

Complex Environments

“Thank you so much for supporting this work and being such a help with the production of it. You are GREAT! You are far and away my first choice for a videographer!”

Lily Sloan & Belthany Nelson
Artistic Directors & Producers

More Than a Mouthful

“A million and one thanks for your hard work and dedication this year!  It is a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us. We truly appreciate your selflessness, support, time, and dedication.”

Nicole Touzien & Jennifer Blankenship
Artistic Directors and Choreographers

Somatics & Body Work

“Scott is one of the best deep tissue massage therapists I’ve ever used. His technique makes it obvious he knows the muscle groups, and his pressure is deep enough to hit the right spots. I lift weights five days a week and run three days, and Scott has been a godsend for those times when my muscles are screaming. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is athletic and needs a knowledgeable, capable, and strong masseur. Simply put, he’s one of the best in the business.”

– Rob Wilkie
client since 2010