Choreography: Mary Lynn Babcock in collaboration with Dancers
Set and Projection Design: Scott Martin
Performers: Kihyoung Choi, Cassie Farzan Panah, Amiti Perry, Taryn Tompkins
Photos: Milton Adams

Shade is a place of shelter unraveled through broken lines and arrhythmic gestures fighting for balance through counterbalance. An afterthought, a memory, a deep knowing that the edge of another side is home…inside….

“Of the 23 troupes and independent artists who performed at the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival, half a dozen produced stellar work and many others turned out pieces that showed promise but could benefit from further refinement. What separated the great from the fleetingly interesting was vision. Over the three weeks of the 12th annual festival, which ended Saturday at the Bath House Cultural Center, such choreographers as Mary Lynn Babcock, Jessica Thomas, Danielle Georgiou and Erin Reck employed a holistic approach, each building movement, sound and staging around a singular, sharply conceived idea… Week two, themed ‘Partners in Crime’ for its emphasis on collaborations, opened with Satellite-Dance artistic director Babcock’s Shade, which was never surpassed by anything else on the bill. This was one of the most interestingly designed dances of the festival, with projections of posed dancers echoing the slow, deliberate movement of four live performers.”

-Manuel Mendoza, Dance Critic, Dallas Morning News