World Dance Alliance – Americas

Chief Operations Officer (2019-present)
V.P. of North Americas (2012-15)
Chair of Support/Development Network (2010-12)

  • Led coordination of Vancouver, B.C. (2013); Honolulu, Hawaii (2015); and El Paso, TX (2019) annual conferences
  • Designed website and online social networking platforms ( and
  • Increased membership enrollment 200% through design and administration of new outreach and advertising campaigns
  • Streamlined practices for sharing educational and industry information via collaborative online networking and documentation tools


Choreography: Mary Lynn Babcock in collaboration with Dancers
Set and Projection Design: Scott Martin
Performers: Kihyoung Choi, Cassie Farzan Panah, Amiti Perry, Taryn Tompkins
Photos: Milton Adams

Shade is a place of shelter unraveled through broken lines and arrhythmic gestures fighting for balance through counterbalance. An afterthought, a memory, a deep knowing that the edge of another side is home…inside….

“Of the 23 troupes and independent artists who performed at the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival, half a dozen produced stellar work and many others turned out pieces that showed promise but could benefit from further refinement. What separated the great from the fleetingly interesting was vision. Over the three weeks of the 12th annual festival, which ended Saturday at the Bath House Cultural Center, such choreographers as Mary Lynn Babcock, Jessica Thomas, Danielle Georgiou and Erin Reck employed a holistic approach, each building movement, sound and staging around a singular, sharply conceived idea… Week two, themed ‘Partners in Crime’ for its emphasis on collaborations, opened with Satellite-Dance artistic director Babcock’s Shade, which was never surpassed by anything else on the bill. This was one of the most interestingly designed dances of the festival, with projections of posed dancers echoing the slow, deliberate movement of four live performers.”

-Manuel Mendoza, Dance Critic, Dallas Morning News

Artisan’s Collective Gallery

Invited to show digital art works at Artisan’s Collective Gallery as a guest artist. (Oct 2011 – Jan 2013) 

Artisan’s Collective Gallery is a warm and eclectic showroom featuring fine Art, Craft and Jewelry by over 150 Dallas area Artisans. Artist, Dallas native and Oak Cliff resident, Ted Matthews, created Artisan’s Collective to provide local artists an inspiring environment in which to share their work, dreams and ideas with patrons and artists alike. Matthews seeks out unique artists working in all mediums to represent in the gallery, with emphasis on quality, originality and passion. Striving to be totally different, Artisans Collective broke the stereotype of traditional art galleries by providing quality art that is accessible and affordable in a venue that is friendly and inviting. Each visit to the gallery is a fresh and inspiring experience, as new art and artists are regularly added.

Homing Where I Roam: An Evening of Dance with Big Rig Dance Collective

Big Rig Dance Collective presents an evening of dance titled “Homing Where I Roam,” complete with original music by composer John Osburn and live music composition by Hentai Improvising Orchestra. The performers individually and collaboratively explore ideas of home, family, and sense of place to create an intriguing spin on the comfortable and familiar.

Black Box Theatre
Denton, TX

3 Solos & 6 Pigs

Imara Quiñònez performs three solos in Moving Portraits: “Claiming Culture,” a journey through multiple cultures and layered identities. “La Perla,” by Quiñònez in collaboration with Laurie Sanda, paints a picture of her own culturally layered identity; José Zamora’s “Peregrina” explores the memories of a Hispanic woman’s life; Michelle Funderburk’s “Trademark” is an homage to African and multi- cultural icons who have shaped history. 

Texas Woman’s University
Dance Studio Theatre
Denton, TX

Digi-Site: Creating Spaces of Engagement through Dance and Technology

Texas Woman’s University
2011, May 

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to identify and discuss the opportunities that virtual and responsive spaces offer to dance in developing engagements with perceptual awareness, embodiment, and interactivity.  In this project, the eleven collaborators and I investigated different methods of integrating digital image projection and responsive computer systems into dance spaces and explored how these environments allowed us to develop techniques of engaging, creating, experiencing, and communicating movement and idea.  For the purposes of this paper, I will refer to these contexts as “digi-sites.”  These explorations were part of a series of summer workshops which culminated in an evening length dance concert presented at the Texas Woman’s University Dance Theatre Studio.  The works presented created new contexts for both performers and audience members to experience dance by integrating technologies that were responsive to improvisational scores collaboratively created with the dancers. 

Click here to see full publication

7 §¥S†€m§ ◊ƒ ÇØ∏‡®º|

University of North TexasMerrill Ellis Intermedia Theatre
Denton, TX 

This work grew out of a series of intensive conversations that coalesced around the mechanisms of language to control and define social interactions. The resulting themes included the destructive manifestations of stereotypes, ubiquity of social profiling systems, loss of meaning in translation, transformation of meaning via media transcoding systems, the language of crisis and gestures of personal empowerment.  Taking on an overt socio-political focus the work mixed high seriousness with playful interactions and strong language. The result was a mixed media performance work that references contemporary idioms across multiple artistic disciplines.

The Eclipse Project

by Satellite-Dance & Cyberspace
Artistic Director: Mary Lynn Babcock

Live and virtual intimate players of power entangled in cyber-space. An intermedia, dance entwined with real-time manipulation of digital media. Dancers- real and virtual ravel, rangle, and unravel ambiguous zones of space! 

Consulted on Isadora software, multi-media set design, and intermedia integration       

Mp3 Experience

Co-Creators: Rachel Albright & Scott Martin

Inspired by the Improve Everywhere movement, we created a site-specific movement score that challenged the traditional movement patterns established in a large educational facility.  Audience participants played the score on their Mp3 players and improvised through-out the building! 

Play the soundtrack here! Mp3Experience

The Ride

Vista Dances
Palmetto Center for the Arts
San Antonio, TX 

A work developed collaboratively through improvization with students to explore the ways we emotionally and physically engage ourselves, our space, and the world we interact with.  

Wonderland 2.0

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Techdance: Exploring engagement through dance and technology
2010, September
Dance Studio Theater, TWU
Denton, TX

This interactive environment invited the audience to participate in the co-creation of a unique Techdance work!  By manipulating visual projected images and digital sound scores via computer interfaces, the audience influenced and informed the 20 minute improvised movement scores with the dancers.

The environment consisted of:  Four live feed cameras that both audience and dancers could direct, two interactive visual computers/projectors, and one digital sound “creation stations” that allowed the audience to manipulate the environment.
Dance Collaborators: Amie Davis, Amanda Jackson, & Lily Sloan
Visual Envionoment: Scott Martin
Audio Environment: Grant Philips
Inter Media Design:  Grant Phillips, Jerret Fowler, & Scott Martin
Photography: Jesse Scroggins


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Techdance: Exploring engagement through dance and technology
2010, September
Dance Studio Theater, TWU
Denton, TX

As technology systems evolve to become more and more responsive to and integrated within our daily lives, questions of how we relate to, respond to, and interact with technology emerge. This piece utilized feedback software design to create visual spatial environments that responded to dancers movements and placement.  Do environments designed to respond to an individual inform and create new ways in which we engage and traverse our spaces?
Dance Collaborator: Crysta Caulkins-Clouse
Inter Media Designer & Collaborator:  Scott Martin
Music:  Grant Phillips & various selections from Aphex Twin
Photography: Jesse Scroggins

The Thin Veil

[flagallery gid=4 name=”The Thin Veil”]

Techdance: Exploring engagement through dance and technology
2010, September
Dance Studio Theater, TWU
Denton, TX

Movies, television, and the internet have become staple forms of entertainment in the American culture. Each of them transports our imagination to far away places, yet are housed in a solitary box. This work explored the complexities of of engaging perceptual awareness when negotiating movement between two and three dimensional spaces.  A large screen was placed between the audience and dancers with images projected from the back so that the dancers were silhouetted into the images.
Dancer Collaborators: Whitney Boomer & Matt Cumbie
Inter Media Design Collaborators:  Jerrett Fowler & Scott Martin
Music:  Song of Imaginary Beings by IMAX
Photography: Jesse Scroggins

Tuned In

[flagallery gid=3 name=”Tuned In”]
Techdance: Exploring engagement through dance and technology
2010, September
Dance Studio Theater, TWU
Denton, TX
Telecommunication and virtual systems have already developed to the point where one feels like he/she can be transported to another place and time .   This piece utilized real time video chat software to explore how these new tools engender questions of how we perceive, define and engage space, time, and location when interacting across these mediums.
Dance Collaborators (real and real-time streamed in):  Meredith Cook, Bethany Nelson, & Nicole Touzien
Inter Media Designer & Collaborator:  Scott Martin
Music: Random selections from dancers iPod
Photography: Jesse Scroggins