The heart of my philosophy of education  lies in making connections.  I believe that dance and movement are a medium that can connect one’s deepest level of awareness to one’s true self.  It is a means of communication with the self, others, and the environment.  I believe everyone has the potential to move beautifully and can find enjoyment and enlightenment through the creative processes of dance.
I focus of producing thinking dancers, not simply moving bodies. Dance is a process through which intellect is challenged by the engagement of soma-esthetic awareness and creative interpretations.  It is also a physically rigorous practice requiring negotiation between the realities of physics and anatomical structures.  I ask dancers to diligently investigate what they are doing and why they are doing it. By doing this, each begins to learn and express themselves from an internal place of understanding rather than an externally cultivated schema, allowing for a more holistic and personal creative voice.
This creates a culture of integrative thought and action.  In order to achieve these connections within and between people and the environment, I implement the use of traditional and contemporary dance forms with special attention to development of improvisational techniques, understanding of dance in historical contexts, intersection of dance theory and practice, examinations of personal choreographic processes, and  explorations into the potentials of inter media design and performance.
My belief is that learning and creation are both a process of making connections to preexisting understandings, creating a space of emotional security and support, maintaining a balance of information delivery and discovery, and challenging one’s self to take ownership of  one’s own learning and creativity; thereby transitioning from a receiver to producer.